How to Find the Perfect Couch to Fit Your Lifestyle

Jun 12, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

After a long day at work, there is nothing like coming home, kicking off your shoes and relaxing on a nice, comfy couch. If your old sofa has seen better days, why not trade it in for the perfect new one?


3 Things to Consider Before Buying Your New Couch

Sofas are expensive, so you don't want to wind up buying the wrong one. Before bringing a new couch home, consider these three tips:

  • It is your couch, make sure it matches your style and space. There is a great couch out there waiting for you, but you may need to invest some time finding it. Make sure your new couch not only goes well with the other furniture in your room, but that it has the correct proportions for the space. Oversized sofas with dark upholstery can make a small space feel smaller. Couches with lighter-colored fabrics and thin, delicate legs make a space seem more open.

  • A good couch will fit your needs today as well as in the future. Couches are a big investment which you will probably have for many years to come; it should be able to adapt to your needs. A funky fainting couch or a Victorian-styled sofa may seem like a great idea today, but what about a few years down the line? Most people find it is best to purchase a couch which, while matching their individual style, is still practical enough to accommodate them when their lives change. You may want to consider a convertible couch for overnight guests or even a kid-friendly sofa with a synthetic fabric that’s easily cleaned if there is a possibility for little ones.

  • A couch has to make you feel good. There is never a reason to own an uncomfortable couch. This means you will have to test-drive a number of couches before choosing the best one for your home. Many people prefer the comfort of a loose-back sofa with removable back cushions. For the ultimate in relaxation, look for a sofa with down-filled cushions, the kind that you can really sink in. Don't forget to try out convertible couches in their bed mode to make sure your guests won't wake up feeling worse than when they went to bed. 

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