How to Incorporate Neutral Colors into Your Decor

Jun 19, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Neutrals can be used in a living space without making the space drab or boring. In fact, Frisco interior design specialists know that when used correctly, neutrals can completely transform your home. Here are a few ways to use a neutral palette to your advantage.


Use Neutrals for the Perfect Backdrop

Neutrals make a perfect background for other colors. Since neutral hues, such as brown, gray, black, cream—and of course, white—blend well with every color under the sun, they offer a great backdrop. Instead of competing with bright splashes of color that are intended to steal the show, neutrals allow the colors to stand out. As a result, your design has the jaw-dropping impact that you intended.

Use Neutrals in Your Foyer to Introduce the Design of Your Home

Your foyer offers visitors the first glimpse of your impeccable taste. Instead of overwhelming your guests with bright colors that could leave them shocked and over-stimulated, consider using neutral tones in modern patterns to display your great sense of design.

By selecting an eclectic piece of furniture in neutral hues, you can add unique appeal to your entrance. Also, consider selecting a wall color that matches a neutral tone in your floor tiles. Nevertheless, don't feel restricted in your use of neutrals in your home's foyer. You can combine variations of black, brown, cream and gray in the same area without fearing the busy contrasts of brighter colors. The resulting look will be inviting and sophisticated.

Use Neutrals to Emphasize Accent Colors in Your Living Room

Neutral walls and furnishings can help emphasize decorative accents, such as throw pillows and window coverings. The pops of color add interest and beauty to your design, and the neutrals give your eyes the rest needed to fully appreciate the accents.

Pair Neutral Colors With Mirrors

A neutral palate with variations in color saturation can make a design look cohesive. Mirrors can be added to further enhance the space by reflecting available light, making a room look brighter and larger.

Use Neutral Colors to Highlight an Architectural Feature

By using lighter neutral tones on a wall that houses an architectural accent, such as a fireplace, you can further accentuate the architectural feature. A lighter color draws the eye to that area of the room.

Neutrals can have a wonderful impact when it comes to beautifying a space. However, they must be used correctly. To learn more about using neutrals effectively in your interior design, contact our office today!



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