How to Mix and Match Table Linens

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Today's emphasis on personal expression, uncluttered spaces, and open floor plans is a far cry from the defined formality of home interiors in past eras. Luckily, it is no longer necessary to conform to what prevailing style dictates or to adopt every new trend in the world of home decor. Frisco area interior design focuses on natural colors, sustainable materials, durability and lasting beauty. Creating comfortable interiors that are also exciting and stimulating is easier today than ever before in history.

Develop an Individual Design Style

If you aren't totally comfortable with your own style preferences, a great way to fine tune your individuality is to "experiment" with table linens. They can be interchanged at will, adapted to both formal and casual settings, and can be replaced to suit your changing needs. Just as matched sets of china, silver and crystal are no longer "de rigueur " in modern households, it is also not necessary, or even the norm, to set a dinner table with freshly pressed linen and matching napkins.

Building a Table Linen Wardrobe

The beauty of building a wardrobe of various table linens is that they do not represent major financial investments; it's easy to mix and match at will and even to change directions if you want to. By buying a few staple pieces, you can create worlds of different looks simply by using different combinations and varying the accessories.

Even formal dinner parties are apt to feature a mix of table drapes, placemats, runners and napkins in vibrant colors, textures and patterns. Although traditional linen and cotton are very available, there are synthetic blends and woven styles that draw on ethnic influences and also on new technology. Find stunning linens that are adorned with metallic threads, sequins and seed pearls, trimmed with tassels or trinkets, or made from wipe-clean plastic.

The best part? It's perfectly appropriate to use velvet with homespun cotton or a checked gingham cloth with floral-patterned napkins. Have fun and keep your table settings unique! If you don't know where to start, rely on Frisco interior design services to help you build a supply of table linens that will enhance your overall decor and add spark and vitality to all your table settings.

Build up a "library" of options that you can use to advantage for everything from family breakfasts to formal dinners with the boss. Work with a design professional to map your direction, not only for your table linens, but for totally personalized Frisco interior design services. Give us a call to schedule an initial consultation!


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