Ideas For Winter Dinner Party Decor

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The winter months bring a chill to the air, and for some of us even ice and snow. Yet the frosty weather is just an opportunity to wrap up tight, put a log or two on the fire, and open your doors to the company of friends and family. A winter dinner party is a great way to toast the season and celebrate all that is merry and bright.

If you're at a loss about where to begin with interior design in Frisco and the best way to decorate your home for the season, we here at Harmony Interiors have pulled together some of our top, expert ideas for winter dinner party decor.

Warm Welcome

Never underestimate the power of your foyer or entryway to make the best first impression and set the scene for your entire home. Hanging simple white lights or a wreath or setting out lit candles is an elegant and mood enhancing way to welcome guests.

Winter Wonderland

If you have a side table in your dining area, this is a great place to set a winter wonderland scene. Whether you'll be serving food from it buffet-style or not, you can create a gorgeous backdrop for your dinner. A bowl of strategically placed pinecones and cinnamon sticks wrapped in garland creates a winter setting that is a delight to the senses. You can also adorn your table with winter-themed trinkets, such as toy reindeers, nutcrackers, or snowflakes to add to the theme.

Rustic Elements

The winter season also affords you the ability to decorate your home with rustic elements dispersed throughout it. Blooming winter branches can be used in vases and arrangements, while garland and poinsettias or winter berries can be strung up on staircase banisters and fireplace mantles.

Precious Metals

Winter is a great time to bring out the silver. The icy, cool tone of the metal works well with the brisk weather, especially when paired with the bright whites of the snowy season. Set your dining table with silver and use silver accents such as vases and napkin rings or other decoration to add a bit of sparkle to your dinner party.

Gold Stars

Gold is another tone that works well for this time of year. Whether reflecting in hanging stars, rimmed on glasses or highlighted on accessories, gold accents add a touch of luxe to the atmosphere.

Bubbly Balloons

When it's time to pop the champagne, your guests will appreciate a refreshment table or bar area that has been decorated with balloons, or confetti and glitter, and even ribbons and streamers. Indulge in the spirit of the season.

For all your winter dinner party and decorating needs, Harmony Interiors offers expert advice and interior design services in Frisco to assist you. To learn more about how we can work together, please get in touch today.


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