5 Ways To Bring Spring Into Your Home

Mar 13, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Get into the spirit of spring this year by tweaking your home interior to match the mood of the season. Following are five suggestions on how to use interior design in Frisco to bring spring’s aura indoors.

Force Flowering Bulbs

Few things signal spring better that fragrant flowering bulbs, and you can do this by forcing bulbs indoors. You can force bulbs by chilling them in the freezer for up to 15 weeks, planting them in a pot, and placing in an indoor area that receives a great deal of natural light. You can also purchase paperwhite kits from a variety of retailers — these are especially nice because they’ll perfume your entire apartment with the classic springtime scent of narcissus.

Buy Spring-Themed Couch Pillows

Swapping out your usual couch pillows for pretty pastel counterparts never fails breath a note of spring into the room. Choose a variety of colors, stick with one particular favorite, or select a colorful floral pattern that reflects the season. Fresh new pillows on your couch will make the entire room appear as if it’s received a makeover, and if you like, you can finish off the look with pastel slip cover.

Use a Floral Scent Diffuser

You’ll think you’ve got a gorgeous spring cottage garden or a field of wildflowers growing in your apartment when you use a floral scent diffuser. Place it in a central location so the aroma wafts through every room. Use a single note scent such as honeysuckle or violet to make your home interior smell like a soft, sweet spring breeze, or choose a medley of floral scents for a more complex effect.

Accent With White

White always makes things look brighter, so replace vases, tablecloths, frames, candles, and decorative ceramics with white counterparts for an interior ambiance that looks like it’s been kissed by a soft spring breeze. Setting your table all in white. complete with a white floral centerpiece, adds an elegant note that celebrates the return of the light that spring signifies.

Hang Pastel Paintings

Spring heralds the return of outdoor markets, so go see what your local artists have to offer and pick up a few pastel paintings to brighten up your home interiors. They don’t necessarily have to be floral, but it’s a nice touch if they’re nature-based. Watercolors are an ideal choice for bringing light and life into a room.

Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience for more assistance on how to welcome spring into your home interior.


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