How To Decorate Using Silver And Gold

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When used in an artful manner, gold and silver can transform a room into a visual masterpiece that feels welcoming and warm. However, the improper use of gold and silver can render a living space overly gaudy, visually imposing and slightly uncomfortable. There is a fine line between decorating with silver and gold in an artful manner and decorating with these metals in a manner that bombards the senses.

Metallics are On Trend

Gold, silver and other metals are in style. These metals can make a room glow with beauty when applied to ceilings, walls and other spaces in an artful manner. You don’t have to choose between gold and silver. A careful designer will find a way to seamlessly integrate these metals to create a living space that is greater than the sum of its parts. So don’t fall for the common refrain that gold and silver don’t mix. Frisco Interior Design Services finds highly creative ways to mix these lustrous metals to create some absolutely stunning living spaces. When used in the right amounts and in the proper positions, gold and silver will make a home feel upscale, eclectic and quite inviting.

Metals in Moderation

Though it is tempting to decorate your living space with alluring gold and silver decorations, less is often more. Sometimes, all that is necessary is a handful of elements. If you already have gold or silver, the introduction of something as simple as a chair or other piece of furniture with metallic elements might provide enough of a visual complement. Even the addition of seemingly minor silver or gold accessories can make an otherwise plain room sparkle with beauty.

Strive for Equilibrium

Balance is the key to interior design, especially when dealing with metallics, like silver and gold. Start out by placing silver and/or gold toward the top of the room. You can pull the color down with the addition of metallic items toward the ground level. Then mix in a few pieces of silver and gold in the space between to establish an equilibrium.

Design Until Satisfaction

You do not have to commit to any specific interior design until you are absolutely certain that it suffices in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Step back and consider how metallic hues interact with one another as well as the rest of your furniture and art. You will eventually find the perfect combination of gold and silver for your living space. You can place your trust in Frisco Interior Design Services to implement the perfect balance of metallics. Call our office today at (970) 668-0291 to learn how we can make your house feel like a home.


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