Tips On Creating A Gallery Wall

Jan 5, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Gallery walls are an interior design trend on the rise for good reason. No single interior design element can create drama and elegance faster and more easily than a well-executed gallery wall. However, pulling together an effective gallery wall is no easy task; it requires planning, preparation and patience. The following five tips will making creating your gallery wall a significantly easier endeavor.

Choose a Focal Point

No matter how many photos you choose to include on your gallery wall, a central focal point will emerge to provide a linchpin for the design of your wall. Placing the thematic focal point of your gallery wall at eye level, approximately 66 inches above the floor, will help anchor your display.

Experiment with Your Layout

No one layout will work for every photo array. Some layouts give most photos equal weight, while others draw attention to a single photo or set of photos; similarly, some arrangements convey a sense of balance and order while others evoke whimsy and playfulness. The easiest way to test out different layouts is to use painters’ tape to visualize the potential variations.

Establish a Color Palette

Different color palettes convey distinct moods and feelings, and the palette you choose will shape your entire space. A wall filled entirely with black-and-white photographs creates a different atmosphere than a series of photos featuring highly-saturated primary tones. The color of the wall behind your photos also plays an important role, so choose your paint color carefully to complement your photographs.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Frames

The frames you choose for your photographs can provide your gallery wall with an added sense of unity or evoke the feeling of a collection assembled over time. Opting for frames that match will give your gallery wall a clean and modern aesthetic, while choosing mismatched but coordinating frames will present your photograph collection as the accumulated work of a number of years.

Tell a Story

Unlike with smaller photo displays, a gallery wall provides you with the opportunity to truly tell a story. Whether you choose to showcase travel photographs or family snapshots, your gallery wall can provide a true conversation piece for your guests if you choose the right photos and display them in way that conveys narrative and back story.

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