Tips for Decorating with Warm Colors

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warm color decor   

Position on the color wheel and how colors affect people emotionally and physically often lead to the descriptive labels applied to colors. Shades of red, orange, yellow and even yellow-green fall into the section of the color wheel identified as warm colors. Warm colors tend to cause subtle physical reactions which include an increased flow of adrenaline and faster rate of breathing. The rise in blood pressure and body temperature makes one feel warmer. Emotionally, warm colors both stimulate, empower and soothe.

Gathering places in your home are ideal locations for warm colors. Living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens naturally encourage people to socialize, so these are perfect locations to add warm pops of color. Interior design in Frisco makes use of warm colors to improve the way people interact with their living spaces.

Tips to Incorporate Warm Colors in Frisco Interior Design

Add personality to a neutral space with warm accents. Bring in vibrant reds, yellows and oranges to hold onto the sun and warmth of the outdoors as the seasons change. 

Industrial and monochromatic themed spaces benefit from throw pillows, art, and design elements in warm colors. Warm and neutral colors balance one another so as to not overwhelm a space.

Large rooms are more inviting with the addition of warm colors on walls and furniture. Warm colors draw the eye, and in doing so, they make large rooms feel smaller and cozier.

One thing to note: Be aware that the added stimulation of some warm color hues in the bedroom may have a negative effect on sleeping patterns for some people. 

Warm Colors Stimulate Interior Design

Strong, bright reds, oranges and yellows tend to energize, whereas browns, golds and rusts tend to soothe. Warm colors should be used to add zing to a room rather than define it. When choosing main colors and accent colors for a room, the 80/20 principle works wonders to balance the space. Even though the warm color represents the 20 percent, it is that color that adds life to an otherwise neutral palette. Whether it is through the use of an accent wall, lamps, rugs, chairs, curtains or flowers, warm colors shine when paired with neutrals.

Give Harmony Interiors a chance to bring your Frisco interior design to life with an intuitive use of warm colors. We value the unique style and personality of each of our clients, so you know you can expect the best! 


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