Tips on Throwing a Summer Dinner Party

Jun 22, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Warm summer nights are the perfect invitation to host a dinner party at your home. While everyone enjoys a good burger cookout, if you're ready to take your dinner parties up a notch, here are a few tips from Frisco interior design experts to get you started.


Choose a Theme


A theme for your dinner party will help guide the decisions you make along the way. From which dishes to serve to what type of lighting to choose, having a central focus will make it easier to pull it all together. Consider geographic themes like Southwest, Mediterranean, or Asian-American fusion.


Consider the Tablescape


Flowers are a standard choice for centerpieces, but you can make your evening much more memorable by choosing something more creative. Perhaps a potted herb whose flavors will make an appearance in your main dish would be a good fit? Or maybe some rustic lanterns will make the right statement.


Create the Menu


Sticking with your theme, plan a menu that includes plenty of unique options. For example, a cheese and olive plate is more appealing than chips and dip, and an ancient grains salad with quinoa and wild rice will get the guests talking more than tossed greens. Although you want to wow your guests, remember not to choose dishes that are labor-intensive or cannot be prepared ahead of time or you'll spend all your time in the kitchen rather than with your friends.


Set the Table


You don't have to be glued to Pinterest to get your table perfect. A few personal touches are all it takes for your guests to feel like you care. If your party is large enough, handwritten place cards will make everyone feel at home. You don't have to get out your best china for this meal, but skip the plastic plates and cups if you want to make a good impression. Cloth napkins will also add a touch of class that will be appreciated.


Remember the Fun


Don't get so caught up in your party planning that you forget to party! Remember, the purpose of the planning is to give you and your guests a night to remember. If you're constantly stressed about the details, you'll put a damper on the mood. Instead, know that you did your best to plan a wonderful evening, and enjoy the time with your guests.

To learn more about transforming your home into the perfect party destination, contact the experts at Harmony Interiors.


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