3 Ways to Match Your Flooring to Your Walls

May 15, 2018 -- Posted by : admin

match floors to walls

Your floors and walls are two major design elements that need to work together to create a cohesive look for the room. And yet, it's not always apparent how to make the two mesh in the best possible way. You certainly don't want to make them the same color, but exactly how much contrast should there be? For a better idea of how to bring them into harmony, consider the following tips. 

Wood Undertones and Opposites 

If your floors are a beautiful hardwood, you can find the undertone of that shade and then paint your walls the opposite color. This type of contrast creates a dramatic styling that's hard to ignore, but it doesn't necessarily have to be loud or demanding. For example, gray wood will look excellent next to a soft gold coloring without necessarily calling too much attention to itself. If you have Brazilian redwood (or any wood with red undertones), you can paint the walls green to play up the complementary colors. 

Pick Up on Neutrals 

Neutral homes tend to sell better than ones with bold styling choices, which is why many homeowners start off with neutral floors whether they like it or not. For homeowners who don't love the idea of trying to match up endless shades, they can choose a neutral wall choice to coordinate with their neutral floors. There's no clashing this way, and it provides a relatively blank slate to start filling the walls and floors with your favorite artwork and rugs. Tan, taupe, and ivory are all classy options that will look great next to a neutral floor shade. 

Throw Caution to the Wind 

The above examples can give you undeniably understated beauty, but some people want rooms that pop immediately upon viewing. One tactic is to go from light to bright with little regard for easing people into it. So if your floors are a neutral shade, you can choose anything from navy to eggplant to really separate one space from the other. If your floors are a deep mahogany, then you can choose white or a very light peach color to create the same contrasting effect. 

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