4 Tips to Consider When Buying Curtains

Jun 7, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

Are you looking for a quick and affordable way to add life to an outdated room in your home or office? Try exchanging your tired, old curtains for stylish and modern new alternatives. This is an easy way to create a comfortable home environment or give your business a pleasant update. Harmony Interiors offers interior design in Frisco, CO for people of all budgets.


Choose Eye-Catching, Not Eye-Straining Colors


Changing curtain colors is one of the fastest ways to make a big impact in the room. To open up an area, think lighter and brighter. This will create an illusion of a larger and airier space. For a cozy room, choose a warm and rich color. A palette of earth tones can create a comfortable and rustic look.


The Right Pattern Can Revitalize Your Space


Bold patterns paired with unexpected color combinations are artistic and grab attention. However, keep in mind that very trendy color choices can look outdated within a few seasons. Subtle patterns and more muted colors stay on-trend longer and are less prone to premature fading from sunlight. An experienced interior designer can source affordable options for you that can be replaced frequently.


Choosing the Right Fabric


The material and weight of fabric that you choose for your new curtains can make a big difference in terms of price and performance. One of the most popular lightweight fabrics is faux silk. This has all the beauty and versatility of real silk, but comes at a fraction of the price and is far more durable. Classic heavy fabrics like velvet and tweed are popular in commercial settings, because they're a great value for the price. Finally, keep in mind that only certain fabrics are machine washable. Others are strictly dry clean only.


Choosing the Right Curtain Length and Style


Different curtain lengths will have a big effect on how your room looks. When ordering, remember to overextend by a few inches on each side of the window so light doesn't peep through. Finally, avoid curtains that drag the floor. These look outdated and their bottom hem gets dirty quickly.


Frisco Interior Design Services Can Revitalize Your Home or Office


Now that you have some exciting ideas for the new look of your home or business, it's time to contact an experienced Frisco interior design service. Harmony Interiors can help you get the look that you want on time and on-budget. Call us today and get started on designing your new space!


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