5 Quick Renovations for Fast Kitchen Improvements

Aug 30, 2018 -- Posted by : admin

fast kitchen improvements

A kitchen renovation for your Frisco home is the next best thing when a remodeling project is not possible. You can refresh your kitchen decor and infuse invigorating energy with a few decor accents that can make the old look as if new again. A kitchen makeover can involve the use of color and textures, along with changing out fixtures and finishes. Here are five ideas that are quick and economical and that can improve the entire ambiance of your kitchen.

5 Quick Renovations for Fast Kitchen Improvements

  1. Paint your kitchen cabinets white or another neutral color to add a fresh and bright appearance. Or consider painting the kitchen walls with a bright but soft color palette, such as a soft white, light blues, warm reds or muted shades of yellow. Painting the kitchen ceiling with a bolder color can create a dramatic contrast to white or black appliances. Another option is to paint the backsplash, island base and kitchen stools with coordinating colors.
  2. Replace your drop-in kitchen sink with a modern and stylish sink, along with sleek water-saving fixtures. Today’s faucets have a bold look with multi-functionality such as touchless control, built-in water filtration and multiple spray options. The latest trends in kitchen sinks include larger single basins to replace a double sink, sinks with built-in cutting boards and colanders, under-mount sinks for easier countertop cleanup, and quartz sinks that are seamless integrated with the countertop.
  3. Spruce up your kitchen island with beadboard, mosaic tile or stacked stone to create a beautiful and unique focal point in your kitchen. It would be best to stick close to the overall theme of your kitchen. For instance, a country or cottage-style kitchen would benefit from painted beadboard that features tongue and groove for easy installation. For larger, contemporary kitchens, stacked stone is a good choice. Mosaic tile would be perfect in a modern kitchen that could use a little color and cheer.
  4. Adding a stylish backsplash is probably one of the easier improvements you can make to your kitchen’s decor. There is such a wide choice of backsplash wall tile, including decorative glass, ceramic, porcelain, metal and travertine tile, that the only limit is your imagination. A new backsplash can add an entirely new look to your kitchen – an urban vibe, industrial feel, elegant sophistication, farmhouse warmth or creative energy.
  5. New light fixtures can give your kitchen the perfect ambiance when you use multiple fixtures for general lighting, task lighting and accent light. Hanging pendant or under-cabinet light fixtures make for good task lighting, while a bold fixture to replace the ceiling light can add new vitality to the kitchen. If you don’t already have accent lighting in the kitchen, then a few wall sconces or track lighting to accent a decorative wall hanging is all you need.

Consulting with Frisco interior design services to complete your kitchen renovations is one sure way to be confident that the right colors, styles and quality materials are used to get a high-quality installation. At Harmony Interiors, we can create a design solution that fits your architectural style and your family’s needs.


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