5 Ways to Bring Warm Accents to Your Living Room

Jul 30, 2018 -- Posted by : admin


If you're like most people, you feel more comfortable and relaxed in a home environment that has a few warm touches even if you've chosen an overall color palette of cool or neutral tones. Fortunately, adding warmth to your design scheme isn't just about using colors in cozy hues. Following are five types of items recommended by Frisco interior design services for adding warm accents to your living room. 

Knitted Materials

Objects such as throws and wall hangings made of knitted materials automatically increase the warmth of any room's ambiance due to their rustic texture. Draping a knit blanket over the back of your sofa, for instance, automatically increases a room's warmth factor.

Book Collection

Even though many people keep their reading material on electronic devices these days, almost everyone retains hard copies of at least a few favorite books. Displaying them on a small bookshelf adds an instant warm note to your living room. 

Folk Art

Folk art provides an excellent way to warm up an otherwise cool or neutral room. It can be in the form of fabric wall hangings, paintings, ceramics, baskets or even picture frames. One of the most popular forms of folk art in the United States is the quilt — consider buying one that you love and displaying it on one of your living room walls. You can buy all forms of folk art at galleries, street fairs and craft fairs. 


The presence of pillows in any room adds a dimension of comfort and warmth — even if they're in cool tones rather than warm ones. Many people have different slipcovers for their living room pillows that they swap out on a seasonal basis or simply when they're in the mood for a change. This can keep your living room decor scheme from becoming stale. 

Woodsy Elements 

Woodsy elements can be anything from a potted Norfolk pine next to a bright window to side tables made from reclaimed wood. You can also bring a warm woodsy note into your home interior by using items made of cedar — perhaps a small cedar bookcase or a cedar planter for the Norfolk pine or another houseplant of your choice. The beauty of using cedar is that it smells as fabulous as it looks. 

At Harmony Interiors, we specialize in customized interior design solutions to fit all lifestyles and individual preferences. Please feel free to contact us for more information on crafting a home environment that reflects your unique character and taste. 


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