6 Elegant Fall Floral Trends

Nov 21, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

fall floral trends

When it comes to autumn, mums in the rich rainbow of the season are always in style. Our classic favorite fall flowers, mums, will eternally evoke harvest festivities. Use mums or other seasonal blooms when arranging these six new floral trends for fall, which promise to add contemporary elegance to your floral designs for the season. 

  1. Pumpkins - Nothing feels more like fall than pumpkins. Fill your hollowed out pumpkins with arrangements of autumn blooms such as mums, sweet alyssum, sunflowers and goldenrod. These pumpkin arrangements make beautiful centerpieces for entertaining and lovely everyday adornments for your seasonal home. 
  2. Flowers in the Box - Flowers in a box are the latest way to special deliver a floral surprise. Box flowers are arranged to create a hidden beauty. These flowers are not set on springs to jump out after a rendition of "Pop Goes the Weasel," but they are meant to surprise the person removing the lid. Additional treats or gifts can be arranged among the flowers inside the box, too: an engagement ring, trinkets, candy, or jewelry. 
  3. Baskets - Not just for May Day, baskets of flowers radiate beauty in the fall. Baskets of flowers are popular all year long, but to make them feel especially seasonal for fall, use a high-quality basket and a demure arrangement of wildflowers in complementary shades. 
  4. Feathers and Flowers - Two of nature's beauties, feathers and flowers, make a natural pair. Incorporate feathers with varied patterns and shapes and in varied lengths. Feathers also work well in wedding bouquets and with flowers arranged in any container. 
  5. Ribbons - Cascading ribbons tied around a vase, a bouquet or spilling out from within an arrangement are in this fall. When it comes to selecting the ribbon for your bouquet or arrangement, look for high-quality spools, made from lustrous fabrics in a variety of textures and rich colors. 
  6. Wreaths - Welcome visitors to your home with a wreath of dried, preserved flowers. Choose natural materials and wildflowers for a rustic look. 

Reflect the Season with Professional Frisco Interior Design

You can incorporate the fall season into your home's decor with more than beautiful floral arrangements. Whether you want your house to encompass the coziness of autumn throughout the year or simply desire a seasonal update, a Frisco interior design professional can help you see your home in the golden light of harvest. Contact Harmony Interiors today for more ways to bring the colors of Autumn into your home decor. 


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Seasonal Fall Floral Arrangements

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