8 Essential Elements to Breathtaking Autumn Tablescapes

Nov 14, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

autumn tablescapes

Creating a tablescape for a dinner party, brunch or luncheon gives the host or hostess a unique opportunity to showcase their personality and taste through the beauty of design. Put together the following eight elements to create an unforgettable table. 

  1. Items of Interest - Not only will these baubles add visual interest, they also start conversations. Set the table with an antique, a statue or other unusual find. 
  2. China - We use our best for special occasions. If you only host a few times per year, then it is special. Set your table with your best plateware. 
  3. Cutlery - Don't be afraid to mix metals. At big meals, you might not have matching cutlery to complete every place setting. If you mix and match, give the rest of your design an eclectic feel by mixing and matching candlesticks, vases, and metals around the table. 
  4. Palette - Choose a color palette based on your china. If you have white plates, you can use the rest of your elements to elevate the design. If your plates are colored or patterned, coordinate tablescape elements with the china. 
  5. Theme - Choose your favorite decoration or item and design around it. If you have an antique vase you would like to showcase, coordinate the rest of your choices to highlight that one special piece. 
  6. Nature - Although not necessary, incorporating natural elements, such as flowers, greenery, bowls of fruit, pinecones or antlers, lends an organic appetite to a tablescape. 
  7. Place Settings - If you choose not to use place cards, you can still make each setting feel unique by creating tiny individual floral arrangements in votive candle holders or cordial glasses for each setting.  
  8. Linens - Play with fabrics, patterns and colors which will offset the decor or complement it. Some forgo tablecloths and runners altogether, favoring the look of a bare table draped with a garland or sprinkled with leaves. 

Creating a tablescape can be overwhelming for some, but the important thing is to remember to keep it fun. If you enjoy setting and decorating the table for your gathering, then your guests will enjoy it, too. 

See Autumn in Your Home with a Frisco Interior Design Professional's Eye

Whether you have a dinner party planned, are hosting Thanksgiving, or simply want your home to look warm and welcoming for the autumn season, a Frisco interior design professional can help you create a beautiful space for a seasonal tablescape. To learn more about ways to make your home cozy and inviting this fall, contact an interior design expert with Harmony Interiors. 


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