9 Fresh Fall Decorating Tips

Oct 12, 2018 -- Posted by : admin

fall decor ideas


Cool autumn breezes and changing colors inspire us to want to bring it all inside. Here are some quick, easy and inexpensive fall decorating ideas to give your home a fresh new look this season.

1. Welcoming Décor for Your Entry Door

Instead of laboring to create an ornate wreath, just hang a basket filled with colorful dried fall foliage. The look will be spectacular and with minimal fuss.

2. Easy Outside Urn

If you're not the mum-watering type, just grab a garland of colorful grapevine or berries at the garden shop and lay it around a planter or urn filled with tall fall foliage, or around a pretty pumpkin on the porch.

3. Seasonal Centerpiece Shuffle

Everything is beautiful. So, make a centerpiece out of anything you already have. Use a nice serving tray or wooden cutting board as a base for an arrangement of colorful gourds, or for a pumpkin and some bits of fall foliage.

4. Sweet Seasonal Side Table

Fill a mixing bowl, platter, beverage tray, gardening pail, juice pitcher, or any other container you like with fall items you already have. Add some fall foliage, dried flowers, colorful leaves, pinecones or twigs to fill out your display.

5. Cozy Coffee Table

Put together a charming table-top vignette. Take a tray or buy a basket, and coordinate some candles with a few gourds, pretty little pumpkins and any other fun fall items to create a pretty display. String a strand of beads, to dress up the look if you like.

6. Warm and Wooly Sofa Accents

Toss some pillows and blankets in fluffy fall fabrics, like fleece, wool, corduroy, or velvet on sofas and chairs. Pick patterns that reflect the warm and fuzzy feeling of fall, like small and large plaids. Choose fall hues, like burnt orange, dark yellow, light chocolate, and burgundy.

7. Fine Fall Floor Decor

Forget costly topiaries. Just fill a large straw basket or wooden crate with some tall fall foliage, or a few small pumpkins, some firewood pieces, or a stack of fluffy blankets for a unique home hearth accent.

8. Seasonal Statement on a Night Stand

Pack a small terrarium with tiny gourds, or arrange some colorful fall leaves to showcase them around the interior glass sides. More is more. Or, use acorns, tiny pinecones, or a combination of the two.

9. More on the Floor for Fall

Fluffy fall rugs warm up those tile or wood floors. In front of the sofa, under the dining table, in front of the kitchen sink, bedside, in the bathroom, and on the porch or deck, add warmth and beauty with pretty rugs. Find your favorite fall colors and patterns to keep your toes toasty.

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