Biggest Kitchen Trends of 2018

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2018 kitchen trends


For the longest time, most homes have had the kitchen hidden at the back of the house. Today, the kitchen has assumed different roles to become the focal point in a home. Homeowners have put efforts to bring the warmth and beauty that’s the kitchen today.

For interior design in Frisco, Colorado, Harmony Interiors will do it just as you wish. Here, we discuss the new and innovative kitchen trends in expected in 2018.

Smart Tech Continues to Invade the Kitchen

The new tech and innovation will get more prominent in the cooking space. With sufficient funds, you can have technology integrated into every function and appliance in your home kitchen.

We now have kitchen faucets that can sense your hands, and refrigerators capable of alerting you when you're about to run out of groceries. Don't forget the coffee maker programmed to make coffee just before you wake up, and the lighting system controllable from your smartphone!

Besides, the sleek tech has also found its way into the fast-evolving kitchen design. Several homeowners have hard smart tech incorporated into the design from the ground up. The existing older kitchens are no longer lagging behind, as it’s possible to add sensors and smart gadgets to guarantee more convenience.

More Emphasis on Kitchen Lighting

While kitchen lighting has always been important, there’ll be more emphasis in 2018. You should expect to see more of high-class layered lighting, light-up shelves, downlighters, and sleek ceiling pendants.

Veggie Tools Dominate the Kitchen

Most people have realized the importance of eating healthy, and are now incorporating veggies into almost every meal. The increased demand for vegetables has brought the need to have multipurpose kitchen tools. With these tools, it becomes easy to cut the desired shapes, help in storage while cutting waste significantly.

Two-Tone Cabinets Making a Comeback

Homeowners like you are embracing the dated two-tone cabinets to add character to their brand new kitchens. The two-finishes style on the cabinet can take on a combination of colors, but the most popular combination is black & white. This mixture provides an effective contrast. For those seeking a gentler vibe, they replace the gray with the black.

Kitchen Color Revolution Takes Center Stage

Another hot kitchen trend in 2018 is colorful kitchens, and not the typical white kitchens we've had for many years. We can see more homeowners embracing the navy blue, green colors, etc. The color revolution is not on only on the walls, but also the floors, cabinets, and appliances such as refrigerators and ovens.

Harmony Interiors is the number one choice for kitchen interior design services in Frisco, Colorado. Our design services are based on several factors including personality, furniture placement, color and more. Are you ready to transform your kitchen? Visit our offices or call us at (970) 668-0291.


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