Hot Wall Color Trends for 2019

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In Frisco, Colorado, and around the country, 2018’s hot colors tended toward blues and grays in light and darker shades, reminiscent of the sea’s various moods. While these salty colors are still likely to be hot, 2019’s contenders are brighter and add flair and drama to your home.

Subtle Hues With Hints of Orange

Orange is a welcoming color, and when toned down with earthy tones, it creates a soft, muted hue that still retains a vibrant glow. Orange-colored spaces make guests feel relaxed and sociable, so give your living or dining area a lift and invite over the neighbors.

This color offsets tans, leather and natural wood beautifully.

All Things Green

All green derivatives have a place in 2019’s pantheon of favored hues. Choose khaki, mint green, bottle green and natural greens to add ambiance to your home. Green mixed with bluish gray is timeless and won’t go out of style.

Mint green accent walls or trim add a cool vibe and freshen up your bathroom area and can help smaller rooms look larger. Give the impression of summer and good weather with natural green tones reminiscent of lush spring forests.

Lilac-Gray (but Grayer)

Lilac muted with gray is a new trend in Europe that’s making its bid to become a top trend in the United States for next year. The purplish-gray tones of various hues bring a touch of whimsy to bedrooms and parlors. Add in a bit more purple to transform a child’s room into a fairyland or go for deeper grays to add gravity to home office spaces.

The combination opportunities for this magical palette seem endless, from playful to posh to fantastic hues you’ll come to adore. Remember to use tact and forethought to choose a tone that you won’t grow tired of.

Taupe for Natural, Restful Rooms

Taupe in clay tones brings a purplish-brown color to your walls, reminiscent of the majestic mountains of the West. It can be used to highlight pink and blush-colored furnishings. This lovely, earthy palette recalls rest and pampering, so use it to help turn your bedroom or bathroom into a spa-style haven.

Clay is a perfect color for pampering in the bedroom!

The Chameleon Color of Aqua Mint

Aqua mint helps people relieve anxiety, so if you lead a stressful life, consider this color for your kitchen or home office. It’s the complementary color (opposite) to red. If stress is too large in your life, incorporate this color in throw pillows and accessories to help you stay calm and cool.

At Harmony Interiors, we want to help you bring more style and color into your Frisco, Colorado, home. Call our office to discuss how to transform your home’s interior.



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