Hottest Decor Accent Trends for Spring

Apr 16, 2018 -- Posted by : admin

spring 2018 decor trends


The natural sense of renewal we experience during spring appears all around us. We see those flowers bursting through the earth and get a feeling that it’s time to change our environment. At Harmony Interiors in Frisco, Colorado, we strive to help everyday people create living spaces that accentuate a personal sense of harmony and balance. Here are some of the hottest Frisco interior design accent ideas trending this spring.

Tropical Palm Leaf

This tropical leaf display has been trending on Pinterest and it can bring a tropical allure to Frisco interior designs in Colorado. We may not be feeling the tropical heat, but you can enjoy an island vibe by incorporating strategic Palm leaf displays. Even a single leaf in an earthy vase can set off a space.

Feathery Pampas Grass

A favorite in wedding décor and displays, Pampas Grass makes a wonderful dining room table centerpiece or breakfast nook addition. The wistful, feather-like foliage and neutral tones make easy to insert into spaces that range from country style homes to contemporary designs. It has that rare ability to be both eye-catching and subtle. It’s also a low-maintenance plant.

Pillow Talk on the Fringe

One of the interesting spring trends is fringy accent pillows. The use of small throw pillows wrapped in fringe fabric can range from kitsch to cool, depending on color and application. Whether you go big or small, fringe is in style this spring.

Ceramic Invasion

The return to homemade pottery is gaining momentum this spring. Some folks are testing their pottery-making skills by taking classes and others are seeking out the work of valuable local artisans. Mass produced perfect pottery is being supplanted by more personalized items. From open shelf displays to small planters, stoneware and ceramics are upwardly trending additions to living spaces.

Monochrome Interiors

Those thinking about reworking their schemes may want to consider utilizing a single color and accenting with lighter and darker shades of that base. These monochrome-styled interiors are catching steam across the country and are sure to have a wonderful impact on Frisco interior design ideas. It can be an excellent way to develop a vibe around the way a single color (not only whites) makes you feel.

We hope these trending accent ideas help our community members with innovative interiors design options. If you are considering a spring change or would like information about our Frisco interior design services, contact Harmony Interiors.


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