How to Choose a Bedside Lamp

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choosing a bedside lamp


Bedside lamps grant the bedroom a proper ambience and style. A bedside light provides the soft yet sufficient lighting for reading, dressing, updating your journal and watching TV. However, choosing a bedside lamp is not always a straightforward task. When selecting one, many questions will come up including the size, the number of lamps, and the style.

Harmony Interiors offers interior design services in Frisco. Here are our professional tips on choosing a bedside lamp.

Sufficient Lighting

There’s a general rule that applies when it comes to the number of lamps for a bedroom. Purchase one lamp if you sleep alone, and go for two lamps, one on either side of the bed, if you have a partner.  In case you have a large bedroom, and your mattress is king size, consider buying two lamps even if you’re the only occupant, for a proper lighting balance. If the room lacks a ceiling fixture, the two bedside lamps are not enough for illuminating the entire space. Be sure to purchase another lamp to occupy the floor across your bed.

Think About the Style

Know the style you’re trying to achieve and want it to reflect in the lighting? Make sure that the style and color are in sync with the bedroom décor. For instance, if you have a contemporary bedroom, chrome or glass finish bedside lamp would be your best bet. Give your bedroom a traditional yet elegant look by complementing it with a bedside lamp featuring a retro-finish.

Getting the Size & Shape Right

Usually, the size of the bedside lampshade provides the much-needed balance. The rule of thumb is the lampshade to be roughly two-thirds of the bedside lamp body, i.e., the height between the bottom of the lamp and the base of the light bulb. 

Similarly, the width of the lampshade has to be approximately double the width of the most extensive part of the lamp. For a reading bedside lamp, make sure lampshade is close to the level of your eyes, but a few inches above.

Regarding the shape, drum shades are currently making waves. It would be easier to pick a lamp whose shape of the lampshade and the lamp itself match.

The Height of the Lamp Matters

For frequent bedroom readers, the height of the lamp crucial. If the nightstand and the mattress are at the same height, go for that lamp that's two or three inches taller than your nightstand. You don't want the lamp shining in your eyes or above your head while seated on the bed.

Place your lamp in such a way that you can access the switch without the need to wake up or strain, which might hurt your back or get you falling off the bed.

In choosing your bedside lamp, style, size, shape, and illumination are a few critical considerations for the ambience and sufficient lighting. For Frisco interior design services, choose Harmony Interiors. We specialize in the home interior design. Call us at (970) 668-0291 to book our services.  


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