How to Create a More Relaxing Living Room This Spring

May 15, 2018 -- Posted by : admin

relaxing spring living room

Whether you believe in the forces behind feng shui or just recognize the fact that your surroundings affect your mood, it's important to get your living room ready for the recuperative powers of spring. A relaxing living room can be the element that makes it that much easier to go from work to home and back again. With the scents and sounds of new life all around you, consider the following ways to cement your design plans for this season. 

Commit to Light 

During the summer, the sun's rays can bake the home and increase your cooling costs more than you'd like. But on those cool spring days, you should really make the most of your windows. In other words, your privacy is not as important as the warmth of the rays on your face and the shadow play on your floors. 

Clean the Air 

From opening up the windows to washing the floors, there are plenty of ways to clean up the air. One of the best ways though is to bring in houseplants, which will immediately start to cleanse the entire space of carbon dioxide. The good news is that plants like aloe, peace lilies and asparagus ferns practically care for themselves. (Plus, they look great!)

Color It Up 

By definition, neutral living rooms are meant to relax the residents with their understated tones. But after a while, they may start to become monotonous rather than comforting. A little extra color (usually a bright blue or green) in the form of pillows or accessories can bring the room a fun change of pace, and it can also become the focal point that ties the room together. 

Contrast Your Shapes 

There's no need to make the fabrics of the room the same solid colors and sizes. Overstuffed pillows, jagged stripes and geometric rugs can all work together in a way that doesn't confuse or disorient guests and residents of the home. Admittedly, this can be difficult to pull off correctly, but one trick is to start with a basic color scheme (such as blue and purple), and then work those colors in whenever possible. 

Interior design in Frisco doesn't have to be confusing or frustrating when you have the right designer on your side. We have the experience and the know-how to turn all of the rooms of your home into the space you always dreamed they could be. Whether you want a more relaxing living room or a more functional kitchen, give us a call today to learn more about our services!


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