How Green Can Be Used for Pops of Color in Your Bedroom

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use green in bedroom


When you are ready to create a beautiful oasis of a bedroom that is unique, it's time to use pops of the color green in your design. Green is an inviting color and one that makes your bedroom feel calm and comforting. Interior design in Frisco can utilize a wide palette of colors. Green is a bold choice when it comes to your bedroom, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be used. With the right use of green by interior design services, your bedroom can look amazing.

Use Green for Pops of Color in Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is basically navy blue but you are looking to spice things up, lime green is a great accent color to go with your current design. A side table in lime green, a few throw pillows and a lamp in lime green can make the change you are looking for. Lime green is best used as an accent color and not one that is the primary color in your room.

To give your room a bohemian look, consider a bedspread that has a printed boho pattern. You'll be able to match almost anything to a multi-colored pattern. Look for one with mostly green elements when you want more green in your space.

Change the artwork in your bedroom to create a different look. You don't even have to paint any walls to bring the color green into your room. Simply look for a bold piece or two of art that contains green and hang them up strategically. The wall will have a bold splash of green without having to change the color.

Use mossy, earth-colored tones for a dramatic look on an accent wall. The other three walls should be much lighter in color to give your room a comfortable, earthy feel to it.

To create a modern look in your bedroom, use shades of gray throughout the room with accents of forest green. Accents can be a few simple throw pillows, but keep the design to a minimum to give your room a contemporary style.

To learn more about using green and other colors in your bedroom, it's time to call Harmony Interiors at (970) 668-0291. We will talk with you about the design elements you are looking for in your bedroom, and help you come up with a plan that is perfect for your needs and wants. With Harmony Interiors, you will have the bedroom you always dreamed of.


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