How to Layer Your Rugs

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Area rugs provide a way for you to dress up bare floors and add a bit of warmth to them. To get the most out of these rugs, consider getting more than one per area and arranging them in layers. This can add texture and interesting visual effects to any room. Keep the following tips in mind when you layer rugs in your home. 

Layer Over Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Layering isn’t just for area rugs. You can also layer over wall-to-wall carpeting if you’re not fond of the way it looks or if you want to make a room more inviting and cozy. Don’t go with a solid area rug in this case, because your carpeting is most likely a solid color. Instead, choose an area rug with a multi-colored design. For the best results, look for a rug design that has a color scheme that matches the rest of the room’s decor. Placing an area rug over part of carpeting creates visual appeal and gives the room a warmer look.

Layer in Longer Areas

If you want to layer rugs in a longer part of your home, such as a hallway or foyer, you can do so with flat-weave rugs. These rugs replace the usual runners that you normally see in these areas and provide you with more decorating ideas. For example, you can have these rugs overlap at the edges and place them at slight angles for a more dramatic, eye-catching look. 

Layer for Extra Comfort

If you have a large area rug under your bed or sofa, placing a smaller area rug or an accent rug on it provides you with some added comfort when you step out of bed or get up from the sofa. This kind of layering works with rugs that have similar patterns and color schemes, or with rugs in solid colors that complement each other. However, you can also experiment with contrasting colors or designs to add a bolder look to this area. 

Layer in a Patchwork Design

Layering doesn’t necessarily mean putting one rug on top of another. You can layer area rugs in a patchwork design to give rooms an unconventional yet flattering look. In order to achieve this look, choose rugs with similar patterns and color schemes. A patchwork arrangement with contrasting colors and designs would be too jarring. Similar color schemes and patterns provide a more cohesive look.

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