How to Pick Out the Perfect Dining Chairs

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It may be true that most design rules have been relaxed, but there are still certain guidelines that professionals rely on to craft interiors that look attractive and function well. In the world of Frisco interior design, knowing the rules means that it's possible to break those rules in an effective way in order to make a statement. However, not knowing the rules can lead to a hodgepodge that pleases no one.

Case in point: Choosing the right dining chairs to place around your table. Frisco interiors can be rustic or beautifully traditional, and they are likely to include natural materials, soothing colors and an abundance of comfort and personality. Mix a hand-hewn table with upholstered chairs, or place a variety of painted chairs around a '30s-style polished wood table as a testimony to your individuality. But doing it right requires some basic knowledge.

Things to Remember About Tables and Chairs

Not all chairs work with all tables. But know that there is more than one style of chair that will work with every table.

Here are 5 things to remember:

  • Seat height is important for dining comfort
  • Scale must be appropriate
  • Chair arms and backs must fit the table
  • Chair width and depth are important
  • Too many "legs" can be distracting

While sets include compatible tables and chairs that are designed to work together, there is no reason you cannot mix a contemporary round pedestal table with high-backed upholstered armless chairs, or a glass-top rectangular table with curvy French provincial chairs. Even modern lightweight acrylic chairs can look stunning grouped around a sleek wooden trestle table, producing a thoroughly "with it" vibe. Or pair vintage metal chairs with a rustic farm table.

It's all about making sure that the chair you choose is comfortable to sit on, and fits with ease both around and under the table. Most people are comfortable with clear space of between 10 and 12 inches from the chair's seat to the tabletop, but there are exceptions. If your tabletop has a wide apron, or your chair seats are upholstered, more space may be needed. The best way to decide is to try them out together. Catalog ordering or buying from different sellers can be risky, so the best bet is to arm yourself with all pertinent measurements before you shop. 

Need Help With Your Frisco Interior Design?

Carry pictures with you of your design ideas and rely on professional advice to help you through uncertainties. We'll be happy to help. Just give Harmony Interiors a call!


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