How to Pick the Perfect Throw Pillows for any Room

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With so many choices, how do you choose the picture-perfect throw pillows? The choice of color, size, print or solid and shape influence the mood of your room. Don’t forget that pillows also add comfort as well as style.

How to Pick Throw Pillows for Your Room

Harmony Interiors is your source for interior design in Frisco. Follow these easy style guidelines to select your throw pillows.

  1. How many pillows and placement: Use an odd number of pillows, usually three or five. Choose larger pillows to avoid a cluttered look. Place the largest pillows at either end and the smallest pillow in the center. This formula works for a sofa, window seat or bed.
  2. Solids or prints: When mixing prints, choose one large print and one small print to complement a solid color pillow. Use the large print on the largest pillow. Stripes and plaids on the smallest pillow offer the option of adding a complementary color.
  3. Color selection: If your sofa color is a similar color to your wall hue, pick a color from your wall art. Refer to the color wheel. Pick colors next to each other on the color wheel. Select your smallest pillow in a color on the opposite side of the color wheel. Use the color wheel to select colors that create a unified feeling in your room.
  4. Fabric selection: Cotton and linen reinforce a modern vibe to your room. Velvet is appropriate for the solid pillows and adds a contrast of texture. Velvet works well with stripes. Avoid fabrics with sheen. An Ikea print or bold zebra print offers unexpected flair to a neutral palette.
  5. Trim or no trim: Trim on a throw pillow is a more traditional touch. Consider a flange trim on a large solid pillow. Coordinate those colors with a large plaid on the adjoining pillow.
  6. Size and shape of pillows: Choose 18- or 24-inch square pillows. A smaller dimension oblong pillow is perfect in the center. Add a couple of bolster pillows for your bed. Select pillows for a window seat that are appropriate for the intended use. For example, a quiet reading nook demands large, comfy pillows.

Throw pillows can make or break the design of any room. Don’t trust just anyone to help you select the throw pillows for your living room, bedroom or family room.

Call the home décor professionals at Harmony Interiors for Frisco interior design services.


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