The Rustic Garden Trend & Why It Can Spruce Up Your Home

Oct 31, 2018 -- Posted by : admin

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A change in seasons means that your interior is due for a fresh new look. But, when you flip through the most recent editions of design magazines, you may be bombarded with the new colors that are “hot” right now or flooring materials that are on-trend today, but could be outmoded tomorrow.

What you really need in your Frisco, CO, home is not a quirky “fad” trend, but a fresh look that is evergreen. Thankfully, the rustic garden look that is gaining popularity is a look that is timeless and has plenty of replay value.

What Is the Rustic Garden Trend?

Think reclaimed, distressed wood and antique furniture that exude the comfort and simplicity of a country garden. Imagine natural stone backsplashes and warm neutrals that complement many existing designs. Match these materials with indoor plants that bring the freshness and vitality of the great outdoors inside your home, and you have embraced the rustic garden theme.

Using recycled and reclaimed wood and stone also makes this trend a green one that reduces the amount of construction material waste in landfills. Re-purposing old furniture is also friendly on the wallet and gives antique furniture some replay value.

The Benefits of Indoor Plants

Not only do indoor plants complete the rustic garden look, but they also bring incredible benefits to your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air is usually more polluted than the air outside. What can combat the levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde inside your home is an indoor plant that literally absorbs the gases and lets out clean oxygen.

Houseplants are living filters that also convert carbon dioxide to fresh oxygen without your needing to open your window — a boon during the colder months. They also raise the humidity levels inside during the winter and increase the happiness of their owners.

A Functional Design

When you combine the green initiatives of reclaimed flooring and furniture and the positive health impact of indoor plants, it’s easy to see that the rustic garden trend is more than just about making your home look pretty — it’s a lifestyle. It’s also a fresh way to keep your home naturally colorful and happy when the seasons outside get cold and the trees become bare. Spruce up your home with some interior design services in Frisco, CO, this fall and experience the calming effect that greenery and rustic simplicity provides.



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The Rustic Garden Trend & Why It Can Spruce Up Your Home

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