Taking Your Décor From Winter To Spring

Feb 26, 2018 -- Posted by : admin

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The approach of warm weather in Frisco, CO puts many of us in the mood to move on from winter décor. Maybe you just want to change out a few things here and there or feel inspired to revamp every room.

If you’re looking to do some extensive decorating, it might be worth looking into Frisco interior design services in the area. Brainstorming with professionals never hurts. Take along a few ideas to get started.

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere

Move on from winter decorations with fresh spring flowers in every room. Place them on a coffee table or near any entryways so that they’re the first thing you see when you walk in the house. Go lush with variations of lilies, peonies, tulips, or spring roses.

Not big on blooms? Buy some beautiful green plants and place them around your home. Leave them in a pot on your table or find ways to integrate them above and around your furnishings. Mix in some decorative moss to spread the greenery around.

Some Kitchen Aid

It makes sense to bring the spirit of spring into the kitchen since you spend a lot of time there. Change out the dark winter hues of your seat cushions for bright pinks or bold blues. Think about revamping your old wooden kitchen table with a fresh coat of white or pastel-colored paint.

Redoing your cabinets in spring hues transforms your entire kitchen. Enhance your other efforts by adding some decorative tiles to your kitchen backsplash.

Decorate the Walls

The best way to really brighten everything up is with a fresh look for your walls. Paint them mint green or sunshine yellow to match the atmosphere outside. Take it a step further and add a lacquer finish for a sophisticated touch.

Wallpaper enthusiasts should try putting up bold prints or stripes that make your room pop. Try mixing and matching solids into unique patterns to make a bold statement.

Spring Forward into Bedroom Decor

Liven up the look of your bedroom by going from a heavier-style headboard to a pastel or floral-patterned one. Wake up in your own inside garden by putting down a plush carpet and adding flower-patterned wallpaper.

Take down your heavy drapes and replace them with light curtains that let in the sun. Place antiques around the room for a touch of old-fashioned charm.  

Contact Harmony Interiors at (970) 668-0291 to get started on your home spring makeover.


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