Tips on Decorating the Perfect Bedroom

Jun 15, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

If your bedroom decor is far-from-perfect, you may be looking for ways to transform the space. Still, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the thought of redecorating, especially if you aren't a Frisco interior design professional. Here are a few design tips to help you get started!


Add a Cozy Rug

One of the least comfortable aspects of a bedroom can be the floor. Although a hardwood or tile floor can add beauty to your space, the moment you step out of your bed, your otherwise restful morning may be transformed into a torturous trek on ice. To keep the floor around your bed soft and comfortable, choose a plush rug in a design and color that blends well with your space.

Select a Theme for the Space

Choose a relaxing theme for your bedroom. The theme can pull your design elements together to make the room look more cohesive. It could include patterns of a favorite flower or even a particular place.

A theme may sound difficult, but there are often bed linens, drapes and wall coverings available with matching designer patterns. You may even be able to find a coordinating headboard.

Choose your Pillows Wisely

Instead of just selecting pillows for a good night's sleep, add decorative throw pillows to reinforce the calm, cozy atmosphere of the room. Throw pillows can make a bed look more enticing and luxurious. Still, overkill is not recommended. Make sure to match the bed size to the number of pillows. Generally, it's best to opt for less than six but more than two.

Add Seating

Although your bed may be the primary focus in your bedroom, adding a chair or chaise can help take the room to a new level of comfort. Having a perfect spot for reading, talking or even tying your shoes can add to the relaxation—and beauty—of your space.

Ban the Electronics

Your cell phone may feel like another appendage, but it's best to leave it out of your bedroom. Without a phone or television within reach, you are more likely to rest undisturbed. In addition, you won't have to deal with the clutter of charging ports and extra electrical cords. You can fill the extra space with great accessories and eclectic furnishings that make your room feel more personalized and unique.

Still feel a bit overwhelmed by the thought of redecorating? You don't have to handle the project alone. Contact our office to learn how we can design the perfect bedroom for you!



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