More Than a Footstool: Four Ways to Decorate with Ottomans

Oct 24, 2017 -- Posted by : admin

living area with ottoman

Although this short, padded piece of furniture is most often viewed as a footstool, an ottoman can work its way into the living room, bedroom, and sitting room of your home by doing more than giving you a place to put your feet up and relax. Our team of Frisco interior design experts have trained their artistic eyes on the ottoman, to giving you four more ways to incorporate ottomans into your home decor. 

How to Decorate with an Ottoman

  1. Seat an Extra Guest (or Two): Due to their robust design, ottomans usually have enough strength to comfortably support a person. Ottomans can function in a room primarily as seating or can be re-arranged to provide additional seating, without cluttering your space, if you have more guests than expected. Rectangular ottomans work especially well in this capacity. 
  2. Hide the Clutter: Though ottomans tend to be fairly large pieces of furniture, many contain secret clutter-combating powers with cleverly hidden storage spaces. Many use ottomans to hide necessary, but unsightly, items which often clash with decor such as remote controls, reading material, reading glasses or tissue boxes. Paired with a sleeper sofa, a storage ottoman is a perfect location to hold onto the extra sheets, blankets, and pillows which guests will use when they visit. Use it to store children's toys or as a last minute clear-all.
  3. Table It: Any ottoman, but especially oversized ones, perform double duty as footrests and coffee or end tables. Look for an ottoman which features sturdy rather than fluffy stuffing for a steady surface on which to rest your coffee, breakfast tray or work. Some ottomans designed specifically to function as both a table and a footstool feature quartered top cushions and upholstery, with the surface of the piece divided into soft surfaces for comfort and sturdy surfaces for work. A simple, decorative tray placed on top of any ottoman will transform it into a convenient, table-like surface to use any way you desire. 
  4. Ottoman Design: The variety of ottomans available for contemporary decor is staggering. Built in all shapes, sizes, and heights, ottomans can complement any space—whether it requires an accent, complementary colors, patterns or versatile function. Play with shapes like ovals, rectangles and octagons, and upholstery featuring different textures and colors which inject visual interest into a room. 

No matter the size, design, or decor of your most used spaces, a Frisco interior design professional at Harmony Interiors can help you find a perfectly versatile ottoman for your home. 


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