What the Newly Released 2018 Pantone Colors Mean for Decorating

Mar 26, 2018 -- Posted by : admin

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Pantone recently released its upcoming 2018 palette and announced the Pantone color of the year, Ultra Violet. The new color of the year and recent releases are showing a trend away from last year's greenery and into the celestial shades of purple that are more into the cooler end of the color spectrum. Ultra Violet was chosen for many reasons including the spiritualism it evokes as well as its association with counterculturism and mystical qualities.

What Colors Have Made the Cut for This Years Tops Colors?

While Ultra Violet stole the top spot, there are many other colors that designers will want to include in their layouts and designs for this year. These colors include cooler shades of yellows, reds, blues, and grays. Some of the top contenders included:

  • Limelight
  • Quetzal Green
  • Red Pear
  • Russet Orange
  • Crocus Petal
  • Nebulus Blue
  • Martini Olive
  • Valiant Poppy
  • Ceylon Yellow

All these colors trend toward the cooler end of the color spectrum while still providing a bold look and are meant to evoke a sense of spiritualism and creative expression. 

What Will These New Color Mean for Interior Designers?

Purples have often been associated with turning points in culturalism and have also been a favorite hue of trendsetters such as Jimi Hendrix during the height of the countercultural movement that was going on during the '70s. With Ultra Violet becoming the color of the year, designers may be looking at a trend of a cultural renaissance or a shift in design to reflect the growing counter-culture movements.

Another bit of great news for designers is that the colors for the 2018 year are versatile and pair well with other shades creating a unique mesh making it versatile to use in any decorating space. This is especially true for designers looking to spruce up a previous design or remodel using last year's popular greener colors.  The new shades blend in well with the green hues and have enough blue that it helps them to stand out whether you are using it as an accent to your current colors or are blending them into an already established color scheme. 

Frisco interior design services can help you stay up-to-date on the latest in color and home trends. Find out how these new color trends can update the look of your new home or remodel job by contacting one of our experienced designers to set up an appointment for a consultation today. 


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